Asim SacredFire

Tantrik hermetist, bodyworker, shamanic practitioner

and energetic healer

Throughout his life Asim has moved at the edges of the social ecosystems; as the unbaptized child of liberal parents in a conservative christian community, expressing his feminine sides from his adolescent years onwards, working as a creative scientist and ecological architect. Following his own path; Asim is trying to gain understanding about life and society by experiencing life fully, while observing it from an outside perspective.

Spirituality and Energy are the two major themes in the work of Asim. Being intrigued by the stories of folklore & religion and having felt energy from an early age, he has been investigating, experiencing and studying the theories and systems of existence until this day.

Asim is very interested in the “how and why”, but at the same time realizing that every system and theory is limited by time, language and cultural background. He evaluates the knowledge that he finds in is studies with his own and other peoples experiences. Inspired by knowledge, rooted in experience.

Educated in Kaula Tantra, Core shamanism, Loomi Loomi massage. Self taught in energetic healing and Tarot. Asim facilitates sessions, workshops and ceremonies in a blend of tantra, yoga and shamanism.
In his work as a holistic bodyworker he uses elements from shamanism, tantra, de-armouring, energetic & chakra healing. By using his knowledge and intuition he is channeling while giving a session.

The subjects Asim is interested in are: Chakras, Hermetism, Yoga, Kabala, Pranic Healing, Veda’s, Ascended Masters, Tantra, Shamanism, Kundalini, Tarot.

Major influences on his being are or have been:
The persons: Pema Gitama, Anand Rudra, Ursula Aerts, Božena Stojanović, Manja Eland, Tyco & Noa, Diny van Ruth, Yama Voorhorst, Marieke van Sprundel, Stine Krage, Anemone, Avra.

The authors: Barbara Ann Brennan, Israel Regardie, David Deida, Amorah Quan Yin, OSHO, C.G. Jung, Caroline Myss, Gareth Knight, Dion Fortune, Manly P. Hall, Sandra Ingerman, Cyndi Dale, Aleister Crowley, Choa Kok Sui, Satyananda Saraswati, Jed McKenna, Steve Nobel,

The Masters: Serapis Bey, Mirdad, Seth, Leela, Thoth, Shiva, Hermes Trismegistus, Shakti,

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